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brunch makes comfort-driven footwear.

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2 months ago

My order actually came hand delivered from a local fulfillment center and I got it about a day after it was processed... very cool. Loved the packaging experience (this reusable zip up travel bag) and really love the product! I got the Hirshleifer collab and they're very cool. I will be real, they're not as comfortable as other slip ons like my Birkenstock Bostons-- pretty much identical to a slipper. They are slippers, honestly. If you are expecting more than a slipper when you buy this, you'll be disappointed and feel like you overpaid. But I'm stoked, these are my new favorite dog walking shoes. I was between these and the Lusso Cloud for a dog walking slip on but liked the look of these (particularly the Hirshleifer collab) way more and am really pleased with my choice after my customer experience!

2 years ago

The slippers are comfortable af and hold up well after multiple washes. I love the travel bag it came with too! I've worn them every day since they were first released and am just now starting to notice wear and tear but plan to buy them again when the time comes. *They recently released a 2.0 version of the slipper so this review is based on the old style


Thicker fabric in the front top half of the slippers so my nails don't create holes.

2 years ago

I got the Brunch Le Classic slippers in Black as a gift. I gotta say I absolutely love these things. I work from home and find myself wearing them more than any other shoes around my apartment. They're great because of the hard sole, so I can wear them around my apartment building when I go to check the mail, take the trash out, or get things from my car. I could even wear them on errands, but I haven't gone that far yet ;) I love them and will definitely be getting more. I really want the Hidden NY x Brunch collaboration but they sold out quick!


No improvements I can think of! :)