Bôtan Distillery

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Bôtan produces all-natural, non-alcoholic spirits blended from distilled organic flowers and high-quality herbs.

Bôtan Distillery Reviews

Bôtan Distillery reviews


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3 reviews

3 years ago

The packaging and look & feel of everything was very nice


The taste was much too floral for my liking

2 years ago

We had our first bottle as a gift. And although we were perhaps a bit sceptic towards N/A cocktails, we were blown away. What a flavor bomb. Combined with tonic, ginger beer, etc. Their story on the herbs and process is transparant, kinda unique and sustainable. They share great recipes at entry and more advanced level. Fun to approve your bartender skills as well and to impress guests that prefer not to drink alcohol. 😎 In the meantime we tried several of them. My favorite; Oriental Roast.


Great branding that stands out, in my opinion. I would love it, with the holiday season approaching, if special editions or boxes would come out. Curious!

2 years ago

A superb drink made in an honest way by great people. It so happens to be non alcoholic as well! Even better.


I'd love a pre mixed version for when I don't feel like creating a cocktail myself. (They offered this just once as a xmas special)