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Boscia formulates a plant-to-bottle skincare created to restore skin to a healthy, youthful, and natural state

Boscia Reviews

Boscia reviews


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2 reviews

6 months ago

I was a huge fan of Boscia when I was in high school and had super oily skin, but as I've aged (now in my late 20's), their products don't agree with me as well. I find them pretty drying now. I first bought Boscia's Black Charcoal Cleanser from Sephora. It was great when I was rocking the puberty acne, but now it really dries me out. I definitely would not use this if you live in a cold/dry climate, or if you don't have objectively oily/acne-prone skin. Similarly, have tried a few of their masks, and found them all really drying. That's great if that's what you're going for, but my mildly-oily skin doesn't love their products.

7 months ago

I've recently started using blotting sheets, so I'm still trying out different options. These were the worst . I liked the size. I didn't like that everytime I would use them, they would tear. I was using them opened and was wiping my face. I tried keeping the sheet folded and blotted, it didn't tear as much but it still did some. I tried the green tea, cherry blossom, black charcoal and the clear complexion. They had a nice scent to them. I would not buy these again.