Body of Work

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Body of Work crafts thoughtfully designed sportswear inspired by vintage sportswear and nature.

Body of Work Reviews

Body of Work reviews


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4 reviews

7 months ago

Fit and feel is perfect from first wear through to the "N-th" wash. Huge fan of both the tees (which are lightweight yet still feel luxe & substantial) and the crewneck sweaters.

8 months ago

My friend gifted me one of the sweatshirts from this brand and I'm liking it so far. The only thing is that I'm not sure if it will survive in the washing machine so I'm planning to bring it to a dry cleaner.

8 months ago

I’m a really big fan of their sweats! I purchased the Aster and Studio sweatshirts in a few colours. The quality is amazing and the fit is better for my proportions than a lot of the options out there. I’m also from Toronto, so it’s amazing to know that they are a brand that is sourcing and manufacturing their products locally. I am more than happy to continue to support a local business that delivers garments with a demonstrated commitment to quality.