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Bleach London creates "dye-it-yourself" hair color products including bleach, tone, color, maintenance, and hair care items.

Bleach London Reviews

Bleach London reviews


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2 reviews

8 months ago

I've never used another brand for my 'fun colours' and I never will. I'm onto Gobby Pink & Rose right now, and I'll attach a piccie of my hair three weeks (and probably 6 washes)since I dyed it. These dyes have the best shade range that gets my hair to the brightest, most beautiful shades ever. I've never had an allergic reaction to this dye despite having the most sensitive skin on earth, but I have had some gnarly stained nails, and accidentally let I See Red drip down into my freshly bleached brows that one time, but if you're careful and actually use vaseline on the hairline and gloves on your hands, you won't have those issues. Packaging is recyclable, the coconut tint bowl is the best. I love Bleach. Honestly, the unrivalled champ of hair colouring for me. Can't possibly recommend them enough.

3 years ago

I colored my hair for the first time at Bleach London when I studied abroad in London! I colored my hair platinum blond and have been coloring it the same way for 5 years now. :) When I colored my hair at Bleach in 2017, I purchased their shampoo and conditioner, and when I got back to the US I called them and asked if they would ship product to me in the US. I love that I can now buy Bleach London hair products easily in the US. My favorite products are the purple shampoo, purple conditioner, and hair mask.