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Bizi makes vitamin infused honey sticks.

Bizi Reviews

Bizi reviews


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3 reviews

2 years ago

A really fun and delicious way to take your vitamins :)


Wish it was a concept that used way less packaging

2 years ago

Eating honey sticks was one of my favorite parts of going to a farmer's market as a child. The additional bonus of vitamins in the honey makes the experience even better. Sometimes, I'm in a rush and don't have time for breakfast and I can just grab one of these and head out the door.


The honey stick concept is very simple. I have had difficulty opening the sticks and I've also experienced the stickiness of when the sticks open accidentally. Maybe a more secure, less plastic approach may be the future. Honey product itself has great taste and texture!

2 years ago

I'm surprisingly picky when it comes to the traditional ways of getting daily vitamins. I don't like gummies, hate swallowing pills, and will occasionally mix a vitamin d powder with a glass of water but I'll have to force myself to drink it. So the concept of a vitamin infused in honey is amazing for me. Bizi's honey sticks were delicious and didn't taste like they had any added ingredients so the vitamins snuck right by my tastebuds.


My only complaint is that while honey sticks are a great way to measure out a dose of a vitamin, they come with a lot of unnecessary packaging. I'd love to see some more innovative packaging that makes dispensing the honey mess-free and uses less plastic.