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Birkenstock creates comfortable, durable footwear in a range of styles for the whole family.

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94% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

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  • Comfortable contoured footbed
  • Durable and resilient sandals
  • Versatile style options
  • Molds to individual's foot
  • Challenging break-in period
  • Inconsistent sizing issues
  • High price point
  • Lack of warranty

Birkenstock is a highly praised footwear brand known for its comfort, durability, and adaptability. Customers appreciate the unique contoured footbed, the resilience of the sandals after extensive use, and the variety of styles available. However, concerns have been raised about the challenging break-in period, sizing issues, high price, and a lack of warranty.

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6 days ago

I have tried the regular Arizona sandals and the trendy Boston style -- even though they're "up there" in price, I have to say, they are dang comfy. That said, I'm not sure if the quality has gone down over the years or I am just being irresponsible, but I have found that I need to fix my Birks (the sole, particularly) more often than back in the days.

19 days ago

Obvi can’t go wrong with Birkenstock… they are the best and so many of my family members have them over any other brand! Definitely worth the buy and the quality is amazing they last forever

17 days ago

my favorite shoes for summer! the are incredibly comfortable and supportive.

18 days ago

My Birkenstock indoor sandals with the shearling footbed are amazing. Perfect shoes for sitting inside. They aren’t overly dirty and the soles can be removed and washed because it’s shearling and it does darken a bit. I don’t know if this is normal for all Birkenstock shoes.

13 hours ago

I have the Gizeh sandals. I went shopping for the Arizona’s people usually wear but tried them on and realized the Gizeh’s were way more comfortable and flattering. Try on different pairs before sticking with the classic. 🦶 Once they’re broken in, you can wear them for hours and at distances comfortably.

3 days ago

Yea, they’re cool. But I have a pair (knock offs) I bought for $30 as well at Target.. and nobody can tell the difference, including myself when it comes to comfort.

9 days ago

I wear mine all the time! I can wear them with soo much. The only issue is they start to rub my feet after walking around in them all day especially in the summer when my feet are hot and sweaty. Other than that I love them!

10 days ago

Purchased myself

I love my birkinstocks! I have had mine for 3 years now and they are holding up very well. They’re my go to sandal for the summer as they are stylish and comfortable!

13 days ago

I have had my birkenstocks for years and I still love them just as much as the first day i bought them. They are easy to dress up and down.p

19 days ago

Have the classic Birkenstock sandal. These things have lasted me years -- they are still holding up super well. And they are a classic, don't go out of style, really. Not the sandal for every occasion, but always convenient and there for you when you need them.

19 days ago

I absolutely love Birkenstock! They are by far the most comfortable footwear I've ever owned. I've had my pair for years, and they have held up remarkably well. I wore them everywhere I could, and they never let me down. The durability and comfort are unmatched. I will definitely buy them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and comfortable sliders.

3 days ago

I have a bad foot that swells from time to time, and gets extremely painful to walk on. I’ve found the best way to manage it is to have proper arch and overall support on the feet. I noticed that wearing my Birkenstock arizona sandal during the day helps reduce and even prevent the swelling and pain. It works so well that I bought their premium shearling zermatt slipper clog to wear as my indoor slipper. Ive worn them every day since I got it for Christmas 2022. The cork footbed is key for everyday support and the shearling is cozy to have at home. Though not the most aesthetic, these shoes have helped my feet feel a million times better and the slipper is so cozy (best purchase!)

3 days ago

Excellent brand. Worth every penny for the quality. Lasts for years

4 days ago

Comfy and practical. The classic styles are elite! The arizonas may cause blisters on TOP of your foot (especially the metallic styles). The bostons are amazing. keep the leather looking amazing by using saddle soap and conditioner

5 days ago

i have the birkenstock arizona and they are so cute and comfy and go perfect with any outfit. Only con i have is that the foot bed gets dirty easily but can be cleaned

6 days ago

Extremely high quality leather shoes that are durable and comfortable, perfect for wearing to almost any occasion in my opinion

8 days ago

I purchased

I love my Birkenstocks, every year at the start of summer I love to add to my collection and go but a new pair of shoes!! They are so comfortable and I love them!!

16 days ago

Knock-offs don't get it. I was a knock-off birk buyer for the last five or so years but recently purchased my first pair- totally worth the hype. The comfortability and quality materials of the true product are not rivalled at all by competitors.

17 days ago

Friends with BIRKENSTOCK

Favorite clogs. Received many compliments about them. They’re so comfy.