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Biocol Labs makes plant-based supplements and health essentials.

Biocol Labs Reviews

Biocol Labs reviews


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4 reviews

4 months ago

As a pharmacist, using their products was quite unique. They tout themselves as the "post chemical pharmacy". The products I've used are something for a detox week (multiple times); something for a mini rehab (pre-drinking), and something for the fat bombs (large family get together meals). I have to say, I am very impressed with all of them, but my favorite by far is something for a detox week. They base all their formulations on evidence-based research. The detox product has artichoke extract which known to detoxify the liver. It actually tastes great as well. Their website and well as regular emails explain further the research behind their products.

5 months ago

I have been taking their liver detox tincture for three months now. The company recommends a three month duration to fully detox. I'm sticking with it because I'm seeing and feeling some good results. My skin is clear, my body doesn't feel inflamed, I'm regular, and my mood and energy levels are up. The formula has a pleasant apple taste, and the glass capsule delivery mechanism is pretty genius -- no plastic! I also have used their "mini rehab" product. You take a couple capsules before drinking and low and behold, no hangover. I'm a 46yo F so drinking affects me more these days -- this product is quite helpful for being able to have a couple every so often and still be on my game the next day.

5 months ago

I tried the I feel program and really liked it. Taste good and made my belly happy