binu binu

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binu binu creates soaps and other products inspired by Korean bathing rituals.

binu binu Reviews

binu binu reviews


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3 reviews

10 months ago

Another Korean brand that surprised me. The soap doesn't cause irritation and the scent is also not too strong, suitable for those who are afraid of products with strong smells.

7 months ago

Their incense smells great – I bought a variety pack and have loved all of them. Every time I light one and have guests they compliment the scent. They don't smell artificial or too overpowering.

7 months ago

I know scent can trigger emotion and memories pretty powerfully, but I had a visceral, full-body experience when I first smelled the soaps (at some store I can't recall). So fair warning, if you're Korean there is a chance the soaps might provoke something in your brain lol