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Big Blanket sells big and cozy blankets designed to keep users warm.

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a year ago

I LOVE this blanket. I'm 6'1 and I have always looked for a blanket that covers my feet with room to bunch up at the top and snuggle with. At 10x10, these blankets fit the bill. It's also super stretchy and very breathable so as someone who sleeps really hot I can use the blanket year round and not wake up soaked in sweat or absolutely freezing. I bought a red one with stars just to test it out and now that I know I love it I bought another in black to match my room better. I know they have other types of blankets, but the OG Stretch is my personal favorite & I don't stray from what I love.


The price is a bit steep at $160, but if you wait for sales or hunt for discount codes you can knock some of the price off.