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Better Battery Co makes carbon neutral, alkaline batteries with long lasting power that are delivered and recycled for free.

Better Battery Co Reviews

Better Battery Co reviews


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11 reviews

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7 months ago

I recently opened a wellness studio and we have used these battiers throughout the space. We have happy with the power output and the longevity of the battery. ALSO the box the batteries come in is stunning!! The colours are perfect, the sliding drawer case is very classy. Now I don’t mind leaving the box of battiers our because it’s like an accessory for the space. I highly recommend everyone purchase these!!

Better battery co

7 months ago

An amazing product with an incredible and important impact.

7 months ago

What an amazing innovation. I own and operate a video production business, and batteries are a critical part of my gear list to keep my equipment powered. When I am running my audio equipment, battery longevity is crucial. I can leave my better batteries going for hours.. in any climate and conditions with confidence. Aside from impressive use time, the second I got my better batteries box, I knew that this was going to change the game. This box truly feel like a luxury item, the storage / recycling system is genius, and I feel so professional pulling it out in front of clients, instead of having a mess with batteries flying around loose in my bag. Better batteries has truly improved my peace of mind, work flow, and professionalism. Can not scream any louder for this company, and their efforts to leave a positive impact. Run, don’t walk. Get your subscription!!

7 months ago

So easy, so much better for our world and they are dependable. Recommend for all households and businesses.

7 months ago

The best battery product! Amazing storage solution while saving our environment!

7 months ago

Amazing product! Love how easy it is to store , and then dispose of the batteries!

8 months ago

I recommend these batteries to everyone in my life. It is not often you find an everyday product that has a better environmental Impact, is more affordable, and takes the work out of disposal by integrating a recycling system into their packaging! I use them daily at home and in my business. They last longer then the other brands and I don’t have to stress about disposing of them properly afterward. Brilliant!

a year ago

Love these eco friendly batteries and glad they are reducing our carbon footprint!

a year ago

As a parent with 3 young kids, we go through so many batteries! Not only does this keep everything organized, I love having a way to recycle the used batteries once they're done.