Beast Health

4.4 40 Reviews

Beast makes simple, compact blenders that encourage whole food nutrition and hydration for stronger immunity.

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Beast Health Reviews

Beast Health reviews

Reviews mention

  • Attractive and compact design
  • Efficient and powerful performance
  • Quiet during operation
  • Provides creamy smoothies
  • Poor customer service
  • Difficult to clean
  • Potential malfunctioning
  • Requires warm-up before use

Beast Health blender is highly appreciated for its looks, power, efficiency and compact size. However, it has been criticized for its poor customer service, difficulty in cleaning, potential malfunctioning, and need for a warm-up period before use.

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40 reviews


12 days ago

I love my Beast blender! It works really well and is very easy to clean.

11 days ago

I got a Beast as a gift. It is attractive and compact but difficult to clean. They say not to put it in the dishwasher — I have anyway. Sometimes it needs to be run a few times to get fully clean. Hard to get all of the blended product out, also, due to the ribbed glass. I recently tried to blend a soup in there (coming from a Vitamix household) but it did NOT go well. The setup doesn't allow any heat to escape and we had a small explosion. Still, a great, powerful small blender.


25 days ago

I love my beast blender, however, after about a year and a half it has stopped working. Over time, it stopped recognizing the blending attachment, so I am no longer able to blend anything. In an ideal world, the blending container would also be dishwasher-safe, but that isn't a dealbreaker for me. Other than that, I've had a great experience and love the colors and materials as well as the overall form. It is an elegant addition to my kitchen that I feel good about leaving out on my counter at all times. I'm going to try to utilize my remaining warranty to get a replacement!

5 months ago

Purchased when I was on a hardcore smoothie kick and wanted something smaller, and more compact to have on my kitchen counter instead of lugging out my heavy Vitamix blender and using multiple containers. I bought the white version from the Beast site and opted to have these pieces included: blender, large container, small container, storage lid, and drinking lid. The large box arrived swiftly and the packaging was well done in terms of protecting the items and providing marketing/reading materials to quickly onboard to the new device. It's very easy to use, clean, and store, and I love that I can blend and drink from the same container. It does work quite fast and well, though sometimes with frozen fruit and large ice cubes, the machine does have to run longer. There is an automatic pulse sensor feature that determines if it needs to run and then pause so the contents being blended have to fall back down into the blade and that's the setting I run most often. I find it to be an affordable and powerful blender that is more convenient than those super large and more expensive brands (Ninja and Vitamix). I would purchase again and would also consider if a great item to gift someone.

4 months ago

Very solidly built, works well and seems like it will last.


3 months ago

Terrible terrible customer service. Won’t respond to emails until you blast them on social media and then they’re in a huge rush to say they’ve responded (but don’t resolve anything). They do not care if you are s happy with your purchase. They want sales. 2 stars because the product is cute. No more because it doesn’t work well and you can’t return it.


3 months ago


I received this blender as a wedding gift from a designer friend who claimed it would be life-changing – and she wasn't wrong. It has been an excellent addition to my kitchen. However, I've rated it 4 stars because it requires a warm-up period before use, which can be inconvenient when I need it quickly. I haven't found much information online regarding this issue, so I plan to contact the company for support. Overall, it's a fantastic product with just this minor setback.


a month ago

Powerful enough to meet my everyday cooking needs, looks gorgeous on my counter and does not take up much space. The blender of my dreams!

3 months ago

I absolutely love my beast blender, it's the perfect size and it's not too loud like some other blenders out there. It's extremely powerful and I've had no issues with blending anything.