Baxter of California

4.5 2 Reviews

Baxter of California provides men's grooming & personal care products

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Baxter of California Reviews

Baxter of California reviews

2 reviews

6 months ago

Baxter is awesome. One of the first high end men’s personal care brands I discovered, they set a standard for excellence. Their soaps are among the best available. The cedar is more exfoliating and the citrus musk is more cleansing and I have great scent memories of both. They make good candles and a powerful facial scrub as well. Their naturaldeodorant is outstanding. The price point is high, but it is a case of paying for quality.

7 months ago

I use the Clay Mask, Moisturizing Lotion, and Pomade all 3 are excellent. The Clay Mask is probably my favorite facial care product. I use it on a weekly basis as a reset.