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Babybub makes a range of quality infant, toddler, and mother products for maternity and beyond.

Babybub Reviews

Babybub reviews


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2 reviews

5 months ago

I bought the Bub’s maternity pillow as soon as I transitioned to the second trimester and it hasn’t disappointed. It gives me support on the back and the front allowing me to sleep better and prevent hip or back pain. I give it four stars for two reasons: 1. The pillow comes with a tiny pillow that is supposed to help as back and knee support. While it helps for the back, it is useless in between the knees. I think the size and shape aren’t functional. It is easy to lose during the night. 2. The brand sends too many emails to cross-sell the rest of its products. I didn’t sign up for marketing emails and I’ve tried to unsubscribe.

a year ago

This was very helpful to bring with me to couch or on a trip since it didn't take nearly as much space as big pillows. I also used this in labor at the hospital for support.