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AVEC creates beverages with real ingredients and less sugar that are designed to be mixed with alcohol.



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3 days ago

Influencer for AVEC

Love the AVEC mixers, I first received a pack when they first launched for a cocktail Instagram account I used to run. I also enjoyed drinking them while I was pregnant with my son and really missing cocktails.

6 months ago

Received a free product from AVEC

I had the Jalapeño & Blood Orange flavor and honestly loved it. I drank it as a soda/carbonated beverage as opposed to using it as a mixer, but after drinking it I got excited to buy again and mix with tequila and ice and make a marg this summer. I appreciate that AVEC is low sugar (and no fake sugar) and thought the spice and flavor was actually really delicious without being too subtle or too much.

2 months ago

my favorite is the hibiscus & pom flavor. Keep it nice and cold and serve it with a splash of bubbly water. My perfect summer drink!

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5 months ago

I once wrote an actual love letter to this company imploring them to come to Canada and to do so ASAP. The flavours were interesting, I loved being able to have one (delicious) and well sized, cocktail at the end of the day without a lot of prep.


I wish they were more readily available north of the border.

4 months ago

I got this as a freebie and I was really excited to try it and I was so disappointed. This is probably one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever tasted. I tried mixing it with other beverages and nothing saved it. I really wanted to like this.

2 years ago

I loved the grapefruit flavor with a bit of mezcal / tequila - it's like a healthier & easier paloma (my go-to cocktail)

2 years ago

I really like the idea and the flavors sound great.


I was drinking it raw (no booze) which I wouldn't advise.

2 years ago

I liked it and my sister really enjoyed it! I used it as a mixer. I tried the pomegranate one but I will try other flavors.

8 months ago

An uninteresting nonalcoholic beverage that is lacking the bite of real alcohol and the flavor of any drink ever

8 months ago

Honestly can’t say enough about how much I love Avec’s flavors. Minimal ingredients, real fruit juice, no/low sugar, under 30 calories. This is what soda should be. Love these straight out of the can or mixed with spirits or my fav for Dry January, mixed with some NA spirits like Seedlip.