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Aura sells intelligent photo frames crafted for home use that can be configured and controlled through a mobile app.

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3 months ago

I'm not sure if there are any brands or products that I love more than my Aura. I initially thought it would be a great gift for an older audience but after buying one for my wife, I realized how amazing it is. My wife, my kids and I all can spend hours just watching all the pictures scroll through as the minutes and hours pass with smiles on our faces the entire time. All of the pictures that you take that never leave your phone because they're not "frame-worthy", now have a home on your Aura. it is so engaging and so easy to use, that memories big and small stay top of mind. Easily the best $ I've spent. I've bought so many for family and friends that I can confidently say that without a doubt it is THE gift that keeps on giving. The only thing that may be better than owning one, is gifting one. LOVE LOVE LOVE

8 months ago

I have two of these frames and I love them so much. My in-laws have the Skylight frame but I find the Aura app and adding of photos for Aura a lot easier. (Also Skylight emails me all the time and it's irritating.) They're beautiful frames and they don't feel like a screen in the living room. Going to buy 2 for my parents for Mother's and Father's day too. :)

9 months ago

The Aura frame is the best digital frame on the market. Their designs are modern and their app is so easy to use and share with friends. I’ve given this as a gift on multiple occasions and now all of those friends give the frame as a gift as well. My friends and I all have access to each other’s frame and add each other’s photos to our own frames. Highly recommend!