Aura Hair Care

4.52 Ratings

Aura Hair Care makes personalized hair care products from thoughtfully-sourced ingredients.

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Aura Hair Care Reviews


So far, my experience has just been with the conditioner, which I really have liked. This was the first hair product that I had done customization for online and the process was both easy and fun. You were able to select things like your hair type, scent, coloring, etc. And I do think the actual product followed everything that I included in my customization. I can't really compare this to other 'customization' brands as this is the first one that I have done, but compared to my regular store-bought brands, I would definitely consider this higher quality and better results. You just have to be more willing to pay a little extra for that quality/results.


My one barrier to buying as my regular hair product is price. The bottle is not huge and it is pretty pricey, so I tend not to use it everyday, but instead mix up days with my other (cheaper) hair products. I would be more inclined to purchase again if the prize was a little more affordable.

High qualityCool look & feelCustom personalizationFun unboxing 📦Smells amazingAmazing website
2 months ago

I tried Prose first which I did not like and they were very nice to refund my money. I love Aura. Have only used the shampoo and conditioner so far. I def will reorder. Hair is bouncy, shiny and looks healthier

Worth the money 💸Custom personalization
22 days ago