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Aura Hair Care makes personalized hair care products from thoughtfully-sourced ingredients.


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4 months ago

Received a free product from Aura Hair Care

Was gifted a Hair Care Complete Collection personalized to my hair type! They also gave me a tinting masque in teal which I painted into my highlights for a new winter color. The process was fun and it's cute how they put your name on all the bottles to make it feel really special and personal. It's super simple, easy, and fast to paint your hair in and it comes with a tinted conditioner to keep color bright longer. The scent is nice and you can choose how strong you want it to be. The only thing is that the color masque kind of dried out my hair and I had to use a lot of the conditioner to bring it back to life. The color looked kind of flat so I had to do a couple more layers of painting afterwards to give it dimension. Also the customer service was super pushy with me and kept bothering me to send them photos fast, I told them I had a personal emergency and they just completely disregarded it and kept pushing me which was not a nice feeling when you're doing a favor for a brand. Once I did send the photos, I never even heard back from her. In any case, the color really does stick on quickly and long if you're looking for saturation that doesn't fade. It's also nice that they take into consideration your hair type and hair concerns when producing the hair bundle for you. It's also quite affordable.

5 months ago

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6 months ago

I've been using the conditioner and hair mask for about a year and a half now. I primarily rely on it for hair color, which from my experience with depositing conditioners and conditioning dyes, it's the most potent combination of vivid color and conditioning I've experienced. I have tested A LOT of dye in my day and this is my and my peers' favorite. People will mistake my hair for "freshly dyed" when its been over a month and I'm just washing and conditioning my hair (and I go for bright color) A little goes a long way unlike some other dyes I've experienced, and the mask in particular is quite hydrating (the instructions may say leave on 10-15 minutes - I find it more effective to let it go for an hour or more) Harder for me to speak on the shampoo as I'm no longer a shampoo user, but I will wash once a month or so with it and it doesn't seem overly drying.


The completely post-consumer use packaging is very much appreciated, although I always wish companies that prioritize that had a mechanism to ship the packaging back. I've occasionally had issues with the autoship (I move between shades a bit and their systems can grab incorrect colors) but customer service is easy and attentive and this can be resolved quickly.

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9 months ago

this product is fine. I got the tinting mask and conditioner - had the dark purple color and I have very dark brown hair. It definitely left a tint that was noticeable especially in the sun. I ended up cancelling my subscription as I found products that I liked better and felt did more for my hair. The shampoo was a but tough through the hair and I didn't feel that the conditioner or mask were particularly hydrating.


The color is fun but it makes a MESS - have to wear gloves, if you have grout or white sink/shower beware of the darker shades. Don't think the product is worth it unless you get the tint options, but make sure have a good space to apply and then wash out the product.

a year ago

I tried Prose first which I did not like and they were very nice to refund my money. I love Aura. Have only used the shampoo and conditioner so far. I def will reorder. Hair is bouncy, shiny and looks healthier

2 years ago

So far, my experience has just been with the conditioner, which I really have liked. This was the first hair product that I had done customization for online and the process was both easy and fun. You were able to select things like your hair type, scent, coloring, etc. And I do think the actual product followed everything that I included in my customization. I can't really compare this to other 'customization' brands as this is the first one that I have done, but compared to my regular store-bought brands, I would definitely consider this higher quality and better results. You just have to be more willing to pay a little extra for that quality/results.


My one barrier to buying as my regular hair product is price. The bottle is not huge and it is pretty pricey, so I tend not to use it everyday, but instead mix up days with my other (cheaper) hair products. I would be more inclined to purchase again if the prize was a little more affordable.

10 months ago

I LOVE my aura hair care products! My hair has never looked and felt so good in my life! I especially love their hair masks

7 months ago

I absalutely love this product. I use the mahogany copper and when I want to change it up I'll use pearl mahogany. These shades are so warm and beautiful. I also love, love, love there tint rinse in mahogany copper. Leave on for 3 min and whalaa!!! Beautiful and quick/easy brighter color. How could you not LOVE aura hair color or any of the E salon products! Pick one, try one, mix it up and make it fun!!!


I really like that I can reapply in 2 weeks. I'm 57 and color doesn't last very long in my hair anymore so I like to use the aura products and also the tint rinse for extra boost.

8 months ago

Friends with Aura Hair Care

I have never done a personalized hair care routine before so I was excited to try this one. That excitement slowly dissipated after 2 weeks of use. I don't use it daily, maybe once or twice a week. I have the shampoo and conditioner. It makes my hair feel like it has a film at the ends. After the first time, I thought maybe I didn't rinse it well enough. The next time I rinsed both out longer, it still left a weird film. The rest of my hair feels soft and it smells good, so that is a plus.

a year ago

I have never been allergic to anything in my life, and this product made my scalp burn and I experianced 5x my normal hair loss, the ingredients list on the bottle is almost non existant, only lists 3 'transformative' ingredients. No offer for a refund was made, they just told me to see a doctor! Extremely dodgy and a ridiculas price. Do not risk it! Try Bar None instead. Actually has an ingredients list, and is free of all nasties. Also comes in a totally reclyable aluminium bottle.


Product. Bottle. Customer service.