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Atolla is a skincare company that uses a patented algorithm to formulate custom products that adapt to your skin's needs as it changes.

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Meghan Maupin
Dr. Ranella Hirsch
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To reinvent the mass skincare model so anyone can feel confident in their skin.
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Easy subscription management πŸ”Custom personalizationFun unboxing πŸ“¦Has no effect 🀷Eco-friendly packaging
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First of all, re: another review below, I definitely received a serum (not an oil). I think it was pretty in line with what I was hoping for at the time -- something hydrating with vitamin C and other ingredients that would support evening skin tone. I definitely answered all the questions with that goal in mind; I think it helped that I have some understanding of skincare ingredients/ issues as a consumer. I appreciated learning a bit more about my skin through the monthly testing they have you do (which is super easy and quick; they send you everything you need)! I stuck with it for a while -- each bottle lasted me longer than a month -- but eventually canceled. In the end, I just didn't think that what I was getting was necessarily better than a product I could buy in a store given my particular skin concerns, and it was definitely more expensive.

Easy subscription management πŸ”Custom personalizationTravel friendly ✈️Eco-friendly packaging
3 months ago

Like a lot of others I went through a "working on my skin" pandemic phase and Atolla played a small part. The packaging is beautiful and the product they sent me smelled lovely, but didn't really do anything. I didn't stick with it long enough to do the pH testing part, so maybe it would have gotten better? Cancellation was a breeze.

Easy subscription management πŸ”Custom personalizationHas no effect 🀷Smells amazing
4 months ago

This is not a custom "serum" as the brand claims... it is definitely a face oil. When I picked the texture I wanted from the samples in the test kit, I was definitely expecting a thin serum, but it turned out to be a somewhat thick oil. I also didn't see any results! Love the idea, but could use improvement.


I think if this were advertised as what it is, a custom face oil, then I would have been satisfied because I knew what I was getting.

Innovative productEasy subscription management πŸ”Custom personalizationFun unboxing πŸ“¦Has no effect 🀷Love the brand's mission πŸ’•
5 months ago