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Anyday makes cookware engineered for your microwave.

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i have been through a lot of dishes, tupperware type things over the yrs & before i buy i always check to see if they can go in the dishwasher & the microwave. most will dishwash but not many microwave & if they do & actually have a lid, the lid cannot microwave which is super annoying for splattering all over inside my microwave. i do a lot of my meals in the microwave so its pretty big for me. i finally found my answer! & they work great! you can also use the bowls to steam & cook meals like chia oatmeal or lava cake.


they dishes came packed very well which i was nervous bc seems lately everything i order comes with box half opened or envelope ripped. they package so no chance anything will come broken. they include a bunch of recipe cards for things you can make in the bowls & very good instructions as to how use them ie which size bowl use with say doing whole broccoli or chicken & according to microwave wattage. they bowls then go right into the fridge if you have leftovers or into the dishwasher. so so convenient! they dishwash great & eliminate more dishes as i can store extra right in them then reheat. & price was way cheaper than i thought for what you get & i found a coupon code

High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦Works really well
brooke s's review of Anyday
a month ago