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Anima Mundi crafted organic, wildcrafted, and ethically herbal medicines

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4 days ago

I was desperate to get products from Anima Mundi as I love their branding and advertising and have grown up using natural products and tinctures. Despite enjoying their packaging, I didn't feel like any of their products really made any difference to how I felt. I tried their tincture for bloating for IBS and didn't feel like it did a single thing for me despite having great reviews on their site. I also tried their Euphoria elixir which tasted great but I didn't feel any different despite using the entire bottle over a month. I also tried an energy tincture that is no longer sold on their site but still didn't seem to have any effect. Essentially, despite the quality of their packaging and branding I felt like the items were overpriced and didn't deliver much to my disappointment.

9 months ago

Totally obsessed with everything Anima Mundi. Everything from their products to branding and information sharing on Instagram is wonderful. High quality products for a good price. My favourite so far is the mushroom mocha, it’s so creamy with the coconut milk powder and tastes great, perfect afternoon treat. I’ll definitely be trying out more of their products.