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AllPlants offers a plant-based meal delivery service subscription.

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10 months ago
🤝Friends with AllPlants

Incredible brand, and really high quality meals with great, innovative recipes. Such a useful thing to have in the freezer!


Smaller order sizes since my freezer isn't that big.

Worth the money 💸Easy subscription management 🔁Amazing websiteEco-friendly packagingLove the brand's mission 💕
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a year ago

I really loved Allplants when I lived in the UK. It is super tasty and the branding is great. I am not vegan, but I really enjoyed the “Mac n Cheese.” I miss this brand!

High qualityTasty 😋
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2 years ago

The variety of dishes is great, the branding, packaging and design are very Thingtesting friendly :)


It’s reasonably expensive in comparison to others and the portions were also on the smaller side.

Easy subscription management 🔁Tasty 😋Eco-friendly packagingLove the brand's mission 💕
Michael L's review of AllPlants
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