Allie's Banana Bread

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Allie's Banana Bread sells freshly baked banana bread in a range of flavors, featuring a signature recipe.

Allie's Banana Bread Reviews

Allie's Banana Bread reviews


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4 reviews

a year ago

I’m addicted to this banana bread! It’s the perfect combination of soft/gooey on the inside but structured/fully baked on the outside. I’ve literally had dreams about this…. It’s absolutely delicious and keeps very well (even after freezing and reheating). My only complaint is the cost of shipping, but then again, it’s a small business shipping fresh food so oh well!

2 years ago

The BEST banana bread I have ever had. Dense, moist, and hands down delicious.


shipping is expensive. And I mean, I get it, it is a solid brick of happiness.

2 years ago

Allie’s banana breads got me off a targeted ad, and I have to say….they really hit the mark with this one. I would never normally spend money on mail order banana bread over making it at home, but they caught me in a moment of weakness and when I saw the oreo flavor it was game over. I ordered the snickerdoodle, oreo, and chocolate chip loaves….WOW. How she manages to keep them SO moist and delicious is beyond me! I threw two loaves in the freezer and one in the fridge (which was gone in 3 days!) and my roomie and I eat a piece with nut butter on top every morning-but these can really stand alone! The flavors are unique and delicious, absolutely addicting! Allie is very up front about when she ships (Mon-Wed) in order to keep orders as fresh as possible and packages with care.


Price is more than I would spend for something I make at home regularly, but these are fresh and the flavors make them unique. The shipping is $15 which is understandable given the short shipping time and weight of a dense bread, but unless I’m ready to buy a few loaves it’s a little pricey.

2 years ago

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this is the best banana bread i've ever had and it's not even close. I gift ABB to friends and coworkers all the time and haven't met a person who hasn't LOVED it. honestly, it's wild.