Afia makes nourishing, flavorful Mediterranean foods and recipes while also giving back to communities in need.

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February 2015
February 2017
Austin, U.S.
Farrah Moussallati Sibai
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Afia, which means “to your health” in Arabic, is a Mediterranean food company headquartered in Austin, Texas, driven by a mission to make food powerful. Founded by Farrah Moussallati Sibai, who had resettled in Texas after enduring great personal tragedy and loss in Syria, Afia’s products infuse the meals of her past with modern flavors. Using her mother-in-law's little black book of old Syrian family recipes, Moussallati Sibai began selling Afia’s signature frozen falafel and kibbeh at one farmers’ market in 2017. Afia proudly became one of H-E-B’s Supplier Diversity Supplier of the Year award recipients and a Chobani’s Incubator brand, both in 2019. Afia now offers six different SKUs at more than 1700 locations nationwide and online. Afia is dedicated to nourishing the community through more than food. Beyond regular donations to local food banks, Afia is committed to supporting their local community of refugees through employment and mentoring.
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