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Fresh coffee in under 30 seconds? AeroPress is a new kind of coffee press.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia
Alan Adler
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High qualityInnovative productWorks really wellWorth the money 💸Good for gifts 🎁
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2 months ago

Use it every single morning and love it. Invested in a metal mesh instead of the paper disposables and it's well worth it. Had to replace the rubber plunger but that's rare after frequent use. Love it!


More flexibility around the size of cups used for the pressing. We love big mugs of coffee and need to use the funnel to press as such.

Works really wellCool look & feelGood for gifts 🎁Innovative productHigh quality
3 months ago

This is good for camping and travel, but if you like the creamier, oilier texture of a french press or short black, then the aeropress will disappoint. It tastes more like drip/American coffee than anything else and brings out the acidity of your beans.

3 months ago

It's the easiest coffee device in the world! So simple to use and clean, and it's highly portable. I typically use the aeropress to make bulletproof coffee, but I have other devices I prefer to use for other types of coffee.


The device should come with a stainless steel reusable filter rather than requiring customers to buy one separately. Not a big fan of the paper filters, so I always have to buy one anyway.

Good for gifts 🎁Worth the money 💸Works really wellCool look & feel
3 months ago

delicious barista style, artisanal coffee experience at home. Easy to use and clean.

High qualityWorth the money 💸Innovative product
3 months ago

First off, I dislike plastic apparatus. But Aeropress convinced me it's not just ANY plastic thingus. It's convenient, and does a good cup of coffee if you invest in good beans and good grinder. Wished there was another less plastic version available, but Aeropress has carved itself a spot in my cabinet.

3 months ago

I've been using an aeropress for 20 years. You all know it makes a great cup of coffee. What you might not know is it's perfect for brewing where you don't have a kitchen sink for cleanup. It basically squeegees itself clean when you're done. My OG one is still going strong years later.


Don't mess with success.

Cool look & feelSustainable productsHigh qualityInnovative productWorks really wellWorth the money 💸Good for gifts 🎁
4 months ago

Who would've thought a frisbee maker could also bring a new brewing method to the coffee-world? The thing I like most about my AeroPress is the portability, I can bring it anywhere and be sure to get a great cup of coffee. I also love the ritual of it all and how hands-on it is.


I think a reusable metal filter should be the default.

Innovative productGood for gifts 🎁Worth the money 💸Tasty 😋Works really well
5 months ago

I love the delight that comes from using the AeroPress. It's super easy and quick to use, and there are a ton of 'recipes' I can use depending on the type of coffee I have and the result I'm looking for.

High qualityWorks really wellCool look & feelInnovative productGood for gifts 🎁Worth the money 💸
4 months ago

It makes great coffee and isn't that difficult to use.


There is a learning curve, and I wouldn't say it's the easiest to operate consistently. But it's perfect for people who want to level up their coffee game.

Worth the money 💸Works really wellInnovative product