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Abel Odor creates 100% natural perfumes.


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2 years ago

I ordered a 3-pack of tester sized perfumes from Abel and I am heads over heels for this brand! Each tester bottle comes in its own little box with a description of their ingredients and scent notes The scents - cyan nori, green cedar, and pink iris - are subtle and not overpowering at all. There are perfumes out there that can mess with your nose a little, but I was surprised at how natural Abel's scents were. I'm by no means a perfume expert but we'll give the description a go haha: - Cyan Nori smells fresh and citrusy, a bit like lemon zest shavings or a tropical fruit salad? This was the fav. (scent notes: tangerines and peaches) - Green cedar smells a bit like mint? White pepper and Thai spice mix mixed in with national park? (it's the cardamom scent note). Not my cup of tea but an interesting smell nonetheless. - Pink iris smells like walking into a pink flower garden on a spring's day, with powdery pollen in the air and the grass freshly mown. Random but that's what it is! (scent notes: basil, raspberry leaf, iris) The scents are long-lasting too - a few dabs of perfume will last for a good part of the day. Even better, the trial set comes with a gift voucher to redeem the purchase price on a full sized bottle.


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