A Thing of Sense

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A Thing of Sense makes affordable handmade scented candles from natural soy wax and premium fragrance oils.

A Thing of Sense Reviews

A Thing of Sense reviews


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5 reviews

2 years ago

Smell amazing!! I love candles and try different brands often. Typically, I don't love soy candles, but these were worth it.

3 years ago

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I’m no candle connoisseur - so i’ll speak in layman terms. I love the brand because practically speaking, a little scent goes a long way and lasts a long time. I can burn it in one part of my house and smell it from another corner. The smells are robust and balanced, always contrasting in unique and creative ways so it’s never too sweet nor musky. Philosophy wise, what else is there to say? A homegrown candle brand poured from the heart. Sustainability and sensibility are key, but so is soul. A candle to burn to overthink to - or not think at all.


More international shipping! Global baby.

3 years ago

My favourites are Breathe and Gaze. Their scents are perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Overall great and love the vibe of the brand

3 years ago

athingofsense candles are amazing! The scent is calming, amazing for winding down after work. Their packing is reusable too~ Customer service is top notch! Will definitely buy again!

3 years ago

I've been a huge fan of ATOS candles! ATOS scents always triggers a fond memory and it never fails to take me to a different mood. The scents are not overpowering and are perfectly layered with different notes. My favourite scents are dance and ride.