Pika Pika

    Zander A 2 Reviews

    a year ago

    The Pika Pika Coconut Spread is a revelation. Over some freshly toasted bread it is the perfect breakfast, simultaneously unfamiliar and deeply comforting.


    I can't wait to see more varieties coming out from Pika Pika.


    Zander A 2 Reviews

    2 years ago

    Friends with Sounds

    Sounds is a singularly creative and quality-oriented American brand. You can tell it was founded by an artist because every detail is so artfully considered, from packaging to scent design to social media. So much design for lifestyle products is really minimalist and bland to please everyone, but Sounds fearlessly embraces color, texture, and personality in a way you didn't know you needed until you see one of their candles on your table, or use one of their towels. Definitely one of the most exciting studios out there and really excited to see what they have on the horizon.


    As Sounds grows, I can't wait to see them release more products. They're a small team and really meticulous, so understandably take their time to release new products. It creates great anticipation among their fans, but maybe I'm greedy: I always want more Sounds.