May 6, 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted a fresh take on freeze dried "astronaut" ice cream, a just-launched, foldable home storage and organization brand, and a new plant-based adaptogenic drink.

We also came across seasonings and sauces with funky flavor combinations from Zesti, fashion-forward house slippers from Terrelique, Happy Human, maker of refillable cleaning products cutting down on single-use plastic, and water in aluminum bottles (and an extremely retro site to match) from a brand called Gen Z Water.

As I was sourcing brands for this week's spotted list, I noticed that six of the eight we selected have TikTok accounts. It's an unusually high number and points to a larger movement onto the app for brands that you might not expect to focus there. It got me thinking about Tiktok-product-channel fit which we wrote in our TikTok dive a few months back. What should a TikTok brand actually look like? Does every single new brand need to be on it? The race is on to go viral on TikTok and I'll be watching to see if any of this week's brands have their moment.

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