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May 13, 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted organic cold-pressed juice shots, a clean beauty brand for melanin-rich skin, and 100% natural latex condoms with a side of sex education.

We also spied two very different brands using unique ingredients. Hereafter makes activewear with natural elements like carbon, silver, and graphene, and Wildgood, a plant-based ice cream that uses extra virgin olive oil to add creaminess.

We mentioned Soulboost, a new functional sparkling drink from PepsiCo, in our last newsletter. In recent days, adaptogenic sparkling drink Droplet posted a statement on its Instagram page claiming that PepsiCo copied many elements of its brand. Soulboost posted a comment refuting the brand's accusations in response.

We've discussed "blanding" in the world of modern brands in the past and the topic comes up time and again when assessing the sameness we see between products. When does blanding become copycatting? And, what can founders do when it happens to them? We'll be looking into this topic further. If you have strong opinions on it, send us a note.

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