Week 47, 2020:
Brands Spotted

This week, we've spotted a new type of nut milk, snacks made from insects and (yet another) puzzle brand featuring artist designs.

We were also intrigued by Planera's flushable sanitary pads, which break down like loo roll when flushed down the toilet. The pads contain no plastic, and instead feature three layers comprised of plant fibres, wood pulp and biodegradable powders to absorb moisture. While a number of brands tackling the personal care space from a sustainability angle are focusing on creating reusable products (see: LastObject, Thinx), the reality for many consumers is that reusable isn't going to be the desired (or perhaps even appropriate) option. Without asking consumers to significantly change their current behaviours, Planera is hoping it can reduce the impact of the 200,000 tonnes of sanitary waste produced in the UK every year – 56% of which ends up in landfill.


A sustainable hygiene company that has developed the world's first certified flushable and biodegradable sanitary pads.

Small Giants

Made with insect flour, our award-winning snacks are mega tasty and packed with planet-positive protein.

Fly by Jing

Uncensored Chinese flavors. Fly by Jing creates deeply flavorful Sichuan spices and sauces to power your food at-home.


The first and only smart technology accessory for power wheelchairs, LUCI brings safety and inclusion to the most fearless people on earth.


Celebrating the fun, funky, and adventurous parts of life — in puzzle form.


Hard sodas flavoured with fresh, wonky fruits.

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