April 29, 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted an inclusive body makeup brand, cakes with same day delivery, and fashionable plus size clothing for men.

We also spied easy-to-assemble furniture from Russet, Petaluma, a prelaunch plant-based dog food brand, and plastic-free, biodegradable gum by Nuud.

This week in launches, Figlia, a new non-alcoholic aperitivo company, made its debut. Founder Lily Geiger told Thingesting that the brand's flavor profile and mission distinguish Figlia from the number of other companies in the category. "After watching my late father battle with alcoholism, I became inspired to create a flavor-forward, sophisticated option for those who choose not to drink," she said.

Steep & Mellow, a tea made with adaptogens and nootropics, also went live. Founder Meg Pederson shared details on her new brand and its interesting 1970s-inspired aesthetic. "I wanted to create a brand that feels warm and inviting, but also outspoken and not afraid to stand up for what we value," she shared.

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