March 18, 2021:
Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted carbon offsetting t-shirts, vitamin-packed gummies, and the wildest toilet plungers you've ever seen.

We also noticed a number of new drink concepts - designed to make you buzzed, mellow, or both. Cãna, a blend of cachaças sourced from Brazil, espresso martini brand Deloce that's doing limited drops, and Jibby Coffee, a cold brew drink made with 25mg of CBD per serving, all caught our attention. This week we spied the dual launches of organic hibiscus water Ruby and Cacti, an agave spiked seltzer from rapper Travis Scott.

Jenny Gyllander


Clean, conscious, concentrated haircare inspired by the future.


Hi, I’m Ruby. I’m 0 calories & 0g sugar. Hibiscus water tastes like dried cherries - a little tart, a little sweet - delicious & refreshing.


We reimagine everyday utilitarian items with bold colors, unique materials, and characters that are eager to help.


ENSEMBL reimagines familiar products for modern living. We engineer beautiful, durable, multi-functional tools that optimize space.

FIGHT Vitamins

Tasty gummy vitamins with science-backed ingredients to supplement your diet. 1 bottle sold = 1 meal donated to vulnerable people.


A premium hand-crafted Brazilian cachaça made from freshly-pressed sugar cane juice that is fermented and distilled using natural methods.

Another Tee

The most progressive, sustainable tee on earth. 24 mangroves planted per tee, offsetting the average annual carbon footprint of one EU human


Carra is a hyper-personalisation platform offering bespoke hair care routines, expert advice and product recommendations.

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