July 22, 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted Bluetooth connected shower heads, handpicked saffron, and prepared meals by delivery cooked up by top chefs in the U.K.

Our brands spotted this week has a little something for everyone, but especially the drinkers and DIY-ers. We noticed Yuns, a hardware shop to help beginners spruce up their homes, along with Crokd, a make-at-home pottery kit complete with conversation starters - helpful if you're crafting with your team.

We just published a deep dive on the $4.5 billion hard seltzer category this week, so it's fitting that we have a newly spotted addition to our running list. Half Past is a hard seltzer made with fruit juice that comes in flavors like pineapple and clove. Another canned creation: Saveme. The brand makes customizable, “design-your-own” water packaged in recyclable cans made from 100% aluminum. Not in a can, but still a newly spotted drink of note is Vivanterre, a sustainably-produced natural wine made with organic grapes.

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