February 3, 2022:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted crackers made from upcycled ingredients, tools for textured hair, and handcrafted milk teas.

We have one new launch this week: Jahan is a new brand offering Afghan spice blends like spicy street kabob and rustic rice masala.

A number of this week's brands spotted are particularly helpful around the house. There's pet products brand Diggs, Goodies, maker of home and kitchen products for under $25, and Homecourt, which makes non-toxic soaps and cleaners.

For the sheer novelty factor, we have to call attention to Burrito Pop, a portable burrito carrier. If any of you have tested it yet, I am so very eager to read your reviews.

Six of this week's eleven brands spotted were submitted by our community and the rest were spotted by our team. Know an interesting brand we should have on our radar? Tell us here.

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