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Meet Kate Glavan

Each week, we check in with a different member of Thingtesting's community to ask what brands they've spotted, what they're testing, and take a peek into their recent reviews.

This week's feature is Kate Glavan, she's a Gen Z content creator, Co-host of "What the f*ck is sea moss" podcast, and an editorial assistant at Currently. The 22-year-old regularly discusses political issues, wellness, and climate change in easily digestible content across her social channels. Read on to see the brands in her current rotation.

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Hi Kate, please introduce your self.

My name is Kate Glavan. I am a 22-year-old living in NYC who is in the process of applying to go to law school to practice environmental law. Right now, I co-host a health/wellness podcast called “What the F*ck is Sea Moss? Debunking the Wild World of Wellness” and I help edit a climate change/environmental justice newsletter called Currently. I also work as a content creator focusing on wellness, politics, and climate. I’m big into running in my Hokas, making memes, eating fermented foods, and ranting about the Senate Filibuster.

What's a brand you've recently spotted?

Acid League. An array of sleek pantry staples -- ranging from everything to vinegars, salad dressings, tonics, and more. Super streamlined, sleek design and funky flavors.

What are some brands you've recently tested?

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