September 1st, 2022:

Brands spotted

This week's brands spotted includes one launch: Cabi, a brand making easy-to-use Japanese flavors for at-home cooking.

Last week, I stumbled upon House of Kimåne, a brand founded by a mother-daughter duo who handmake women's clothing, shoes, and accessories in their Mallorca studio and boutique. Sophia, the daughter, told me that each day they open at 10:30AM, but if she looks outside and it's particularly sunny she heads to the beach and they'll open at 11:00AM instead.

Five brands were spotted by our community. Supertester Kela S. spotted Geez Louise, maker of probiotic sparkling waters, and Nūch, a line of spreads made from carrots.

Know any interesting brands we should have on our radar? Submit them here.