March 14th, 2024:

Brands spotted

Writing this weekly article is contributing to my poor spending habits because I came across Surprise Knitwear and immediately wanted their bright pink cardigan.

Unintentionally, the majority of this list is comprised of food and beverage products. Potluck sells a line of Korean pantry staples, Beanstory offers every type of organic beans you could want, and No Normal Coffee makes coffee paste to dilute with water. I'm very picky with my coffee, so I'm interested in seeing how the taste compares to my beloved cold brew.

I don't drink, so No Alcohol Company caught my eye...partly because they sell alcohol-removed wine but also because their branding is so good. To round out our list, I came across Moss making sea moss beverages. If the thought of sea moss scares you, focus on their beautiful packaging instead.

See you next week Thingtesters!