December 21st, 2023:

Brands spotted

Last week we took a break from brands spotted to tell you about 16 upcoming brand launches we're watching for 2024. The week before that was Art Week in Miami and you know I had to bring you the most interesting brands I discovered.

I can't stop thinking about the funny face glasses we drank out of by Tania Bulhoes at a dinner party. My friend Sydney Gore turned me on to IKO IKO when she pulled out her iPhone charger wrapped in the brand's cord cover. I later found out brand's founder, Kristen, is wife to Shin Okuda, founder of WAKA WAKA. Last but not least on my Art Week finds, I discovered Objects for Objects at Alcova's first US show in the brand's "Trophy Room" designed to look like your grand parent's house with furniture made to evoke the feeling of winning the big game.

Plus five more brands to explore, submitted by our lovely community.