April 4th, 2024:

Brands spotted

I came across Kirra this week, and their tea flavors sound to die for. The "Lychee Jasmine Green Tea" and "Passionfruit Guava Black Tea" will be good additions to the beverages currently in my fridge.

Last year, I bought a Santos purse and to this day, it remains one of my favorite purses ever. The fact that they're made of cactus fibers makes the purses even cooler.

I spotted Lenys World on Instagram this week, and I've spent the last 4 days trying to justify spending $140 on slippers. If anyone is feeling generous, I'd want a cherry red pair in a size small.

Like many Thingtesters, I'm a sucker for luxury skincare with beautiful packaging. TWYG falls right into that category. Their branding is so well-designed, and I'm so enticed by the "bioactive totarol" that their products are made of. TWYG will probably be entering my skincare routine in the next few weeks...