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Zindrew makes a bold chili oil with a spicy kick of szechuan peppers and garlic.


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8 months ago

Pretty much the best chili oil I've ever had. A perfect blend of savory, garlicky, crunchy and liquidy. I bought a jar of it for my house and my roommates and I finished it within a week or two. The OG batch is not spicy so if you can't handle spice definitely go for that version. The X batch is on the other end of the spectrum and is really spicy, like only put a few drops on your meal level spicy. I'd recommend getting a jar of OG batch and X batch and mixing them together to get a medium spice level!


The flavor and texture of Zindrew is amazing. My one ask is to make a gluten free version!! I'm sensitive to gluten so can't eat too much of Zindrew regularly even though I want to!!