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Z Lab designs blackout sleep masks using natural, plant-based materials.



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4 months ago

I bought this prior to a series of long flights as my other mask had seen better days. Comfort, light blocking, lightness and fit, this ZLab is streaks ahead. Basically barely feel it in after a couple of minutes. I can blink without my eyelashes catching- seems like a small issue until you don’t have to! There are cheaper options but you get what you pay for. Highly recommend this product

10 months ago

Bought this for my son who lives in the city and he says he loves it. Stays on great and is comfortable.

10 months ago

Z Lab has the best sleep mask I have ever worn. I'm so sensitive to light when I'm asleep but with their sleep mask I've got to make absolutely sure I've set an alarm😅 I've tried a few different sleep masks over the last couple of years and after wearing the Z Lab mask for a couple of weeks I can confidently say it's the best out there.


Nothing wrong I can think of, the padding is soft around the eyes, the strap is comfortable and easily adjustable and even the bag it comes in is great!

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10 months ago

Absolutely the best sleep mask I've ever used. It's soft and comfortable to wear all night. It doesn't slip or irritate the skin and it has such clever inlets for your eyes so that you can open your eyes and not iritate your eyelashes.


I love how committed the brand is to sustainable practices.

a year ago

One of the best eye masks I've used to date. Since using the z lab mask, my sleep has been undisturbed and the quality of it has greatly improved. A must for anyone who struggles with sleep cycles.