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YUMI makes nutrient-dense snacks and meals for babies and kids.

YUMI Reviews

YUMI reviews


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9 reviews

4 months ago

Yumi is a game-changer for busy parents. The variety of fresh, organic ingredients and thoughtful flavor combinations make it a hit with both babies and parents. It's reassuring to know that your little one is getting the best, nutrition-packed meals. Yumi's convenient delivery service and eco-friendly packaging are added bonuses. Overall, Yumi makes mealtime for babies a breeze, and I highly recommend it for health-conscious parents.

6 months ago

YUMI is a great snack for babies. It comes in different flavors. The puffs are airy and easy to chew. The packaging is convenient. I love that it's a very nutritious snack that helps with baby's brain development. Great snack to take on the go too.

a year ago

I bought these to first introduce my baby to solids around 6 months. My baby enjoyed most of the ones we tried. No issues that I can recall, and easy to order online. Recently I saw they came out with bars when I was at my local target and I bought them since the sugar content is way lower than other brands. My toddler loves them and I’ll only be buying them for now. They did sell out at my target so hopefully they can restock soon.

2 years ago

I had quite a few issues with them delivering the wrong items (more than once) that I didn’t order and customer service wasn’t super friendly. Wouldn’t order again for that reason.

10 months ago

We like the Yumi bars a LOT! We haven't tried other products from them.


Yumi bars are the best! The ingredients are easy to trust + understand and the bars are great for on the go. We found them at target.

6 months ago

My baby girl loved the strawberry basil puffs! I loved the clean ingredients!

8 months ago

My kids really love Yumi's snacks. When my youngest was a baby, we started him on solids with Yumi. It is a great brand that allows peace of mind because you know your kids are eating healthy and avoiding ultra-processed garbage. Thank you for caring about what our kids put in their mouths, Yumi!

8 months ago

The bar is great but since we had our 16 month old baby, the size of the same bar shrunk to more than 50% of its original size. We are unhappy about that. It literally takes few baby bites (maximum 3 bites ) and it's done. Update, baby now is 23 month old. I should say the size did improve from when I wrote the original review thats why I increased the rating fom 2 stars to 4 stars. I wish I had the option of 3.5 stars because I still think it's smaller than before. I'll keep track of it.