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WorkRobe makes a collection of work from home robes featuring a formal work style on the top while experiencing the comfort of a robe.

WorkRobe Reviews

WorkRobe reviews


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2 reviews

2 years ago

I got the blouse workrobe and it was a super soft material that made it incredibly comfy to wear around. It almost doubles as a dress because of the length/fabric and I appreciated being able to wrap it over anything to make me look presentable.

2 years ago

I LOVE the idea of this. Thanks to the pandemic and working from home, I have officially become a Robe Person. Which doesn't work well with Zoom calls with the camera on. I got the blouse robe, and while it was super comfy, I surveyed a bunch of people using my laptop camera, and all agreed that it still looked like I was wearing a robe and not an actual work top.


A little more structure on the top half of the robe.