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Whisker offers a self-cleaning litter box for cats.


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All2Litter Robot 41

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a month ago

Just do it. I saved for a year+ to buy the litter robot. Best thing I have ever done for myself and sanity. Just do it. Love my cats, but their litter boxes smell god awful. Save your money and then spend it all on this litter box. Works exactly as advertised. Everyone who knows me thinks I’m insane for buying a $700 litter box. Maybe I am. But I never have to scoop poop again, so I’m okay with being insane.

Litter Robot 4

7 months ago

I bought a used litter robot 3 and loved it, so then I bought the litter robot 4 new & love it even more. I have 3 cats, so litter boxes were a pain and always seemed to smell. Since I got these 2 up & running, no more smell & I just empty the drawer once weekly! My app let's me know if there is problems or if the filters need to be changed. Honestly this litter box was a huge game changer. I'll never go back to a regular one. Obviously, the downfall is the cost. But omg is it worth it in the long run!!