Wally and Whiz

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Wally and Whiz makes Danish gourmet winegums infused with natural ingredients.

Wally and Whiz Reviews

Wally and Whiz reviews


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4 months ago

They have so many flavours... perhaps too many flavours? Yuzu with Shisho was tasty, and I like how they coat one flavour with a power of another. I applaud the innovation, and clearly they use high quality ingredients in their winegums. If this is your thing, then you'll love Wally Whiz. Would I choose Wally Whiz over other sweets, like Haribo, or Bassetts? Probably not. I'm just don't have a sweet tooth, and when I do I crave something cheap and synthetic like a cola bottle. Sorry Wally, you're just not the snack for me.