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VineBox offers an online monthly subscription service that delivers wine right to your door.

Vinebox Reviews

Vinebox reviews


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3 reviews

a year ago

I really wanted to like this. It's a great idea for people who want to try wines without the intimidation of buying and drinking an entire bottle. My first problem with it was that the wines themselves weren't very good; most of them had a Vivino rating of 3-3.5. If I'm paying $80 for a box of 100mL wine vials, at least a couple of them should be a Caymus or Shafer quality. The second problem was that the wines spoiled quickly, barely lasting a month even in a wine fridge. I'll be sticking with LastBottle and SommSelect until someone can do this concept right.

3 years ago

Such a fun way to sample wine! Wine can be overwhelming to understand. I also don’t want to commit to a whole bottle. This is the great way for me to open one tube for a perfect glass.


These are sent with some not so eco friendly packaging.