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VINA creates sparkling cider reformulated with function for the brain and gut with trace minerals, plant fiber, and prebiotics.


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2 years ago

It's vinegar heavy so take your time to drink this. Otherwise, it's a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. They have some really interesting flavors that I can't wait to try more of.

2 years ago

It took me a while to come around the kombucha, so I'm not sure why I thought Vina a Apple Cider Vinegar drink would be easy for me to pick up. I feel like it would be an incredible chaser, and it felt healthy going down, but it didn't drink easy. Not really sure there needs to be flavors in all honestly, vinegar is inescapable. Don't get me wrong, I drank the whole thing, so I'm not here to say it's undrinkable, you'll just need to know what you're getting into before you crack a can of this one.


Either lean further and farther into the flavors, or reposition as a medicinal drink made more palatable.

8 months ago

I’ve been trying a few different brands of better for you prebiotic sodas and I was underwhelmed with Vina. I tried Cherry Pop and the cherry flavor just isn’t strong enough - the apple cider vinegar taste comes through more strongly than the flavor, making it taste more like a vinegar soda. I wasn’t compelled to try any other flavors based on this.


Amp up the juice and flavor to overpower the taste of vinegar

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a year ago

Love the flavour! Out of all the new gen sodas, this one is particularly delicious.

a year ago

I really enjoyed the “new” version of Vina compared to their original formula, which was primarily apple cider vinegar + seltzer. The “new” version was much more balanced in flavor and the vinegar taste was not super noticeable. I found it to be refreshing and not too sweet, would definitely buy again! Loved the cherry flavor.


A little unclear how this “good-for-you” is different from others on the market.