Venus ET Fleur

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Venus ET Fleur operates a floral industry that creates roses that actual last a year.

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Venus ET Fleur Reviews

2 months ago

Absolutely Disappointing...What a Scam! DO NOT ORDER. $100 for a small box of crap roses that fit in the palm of your hand. Looks fake and poor quality. And when you call Customer Service to inform them you wish to Return as you are not pleased, they are quick to tell you "All Sales are Final!". DO NOT BUY! This company is a rip off and most unprofessional in their dealings. WHAT A [email protected]


I called writhing 3 hours of delivery. We did not like it one bit - poor quality and not value for money - and all customer service could say is “All Sales ambler Final”. Not acceptable in todays day and age where customers buy online based on what companies claim in writing but when it turns out to be false…they need to be held to a higher customer satisfaction standards. Especially when the call comes in the first few/24 hours!

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a year ago

If there was a way to give them no stars I would, but here we are. Ordered on Feb 4, selected their free shipping and according to them, this put me in for delivery after Valentines Day. Never saw that or anything like it when ordering but they were correct, it arrived after VD. I called them the day after ordering on the 5th to confirm and was assured it would arrive by the 14th. Called on the 10th and was initially told that it would not arrive until the 16th, then when I asked for a supervisor to cancel the order, I was assured again that it would arrive on the 14th. Called the night of the 14th when nothing came and was basically told tough $hit buddy. They state there are no refunds under any circumstances and I should have known to order earlier. Finally arrived today and everything looked like it was shipped by an angry gorilla as the entire package was damaged and the stuff was all over the box. candle comes separate. wife was unimpressed and that's saying something as she is one of the sweetest creatures god ever made. Worst money I've ever spent. Their customer service is non existent only to say that they will lie to you to get you off the phone. I was told on the 14th that a manager would give me a follow up call within 24-48 hours and not only no phone call, but I got a email today basically telling me again, tough $hit, I should have read the fine print and no refunds. Ever.


Be more transparent in your "free" shipping. Offer refunds, especially if called back the next day. Have customer service that actually GAF. Wrap better so it doesn't get so damaged in transit

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