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Vacation creates a safe and clean sunscreen formula featuring the nostalgic smells of coconut, banana, and pool water.

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Vacation Reviews

Vacation reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Impeccable, nostalgic branding
  • Exciting product textures
  • Pleasant product smells
  • Non-sticky, easy application
  • Small product quantities
  • High price points
  • Overpowering scents
  • Insufficient product performance

Vacation is a brand that has garnered much praise for its unique and nostalgic branding, especially its retro aesthetic that sets it apart from other cosmetic companies. The brand's sunscreen products are popular for their pleasant smell, innovative textures like whipped SPF, and their easy-to-rub-in, non-sticky feel. However, Vacation also has its downsides. Many reviewers have pointed out that the quantities of the products are quite small considering their price points. Moreover, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the strength of the scents and the performance of some products, such as the mineral sunscreen which seemed to lack the desired water resistance.

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510 reviews

a month ago

I love the vibe and diverse selection of products from this brand - not to mention the super reasonable prices! The SPF 30 Baby Oil is a MUST for any person who typically loves to lather on tanning oil in the summer - it's a great replacement with a much higher SPF for skin protection! I also like their Mineral Lotion 30 SPF, but it's not great for facial use. I can't wait to try more products from Vacation!

14 days ago

Vacation scented candles are so luxurious. I bought one a few months ago and just having the candle out allows the scent to permeate my room. I like the projection of the scent of the candle.

21 days ago

Works just fine... no issues... but my real reason for coming here to review is that coconut beach smell. I'm a sucker for that scent! I love it.

3 months ago

I love this so much it is so light weight and innovative. Overall, the brand itself is one that I would look out for.

5 months ago

the packaging is really what drew me in because it’s so cute and fun. quality will have me repurchasing! the scent isn’t super aggressive and the sunscreen doesn’t leave me feeling sticky or with a white cast at all

2 months ago

I love Vacation! Their branding and website is fun, vintage and cohesive. While I'm a huge fan of their classic SPF, it's their candles and scents that I like to spend my money on. Among them, Pool Boy is a personal favorite.

2 months ago

Ok the branding is IMPECCABLE. one of the best in the game. And they make me want to wear sunscreen? Like, excited to wear it? That’s an enormous win in my book. Plus everything smells incredible. 10/10

3 months ago

Such bomb sunscreen! super easy on my ultra sensitive skin while protecting me from harmful rays!

5 months ago

This was created by ad agency guys, right? An intoxicating combination of retrosexual branding from the 80s/90s, nostalgic scents, and R&D/technology has created a throwback product that performs for modern sunscreen-users. I have only used the basic tube product, but I am curious about the 'orange gelee' remake, although I have never used the original gelee product. To be fair, I like the sun, don't live in a cancerous sunny environment (sorry, Australians), and do not need to apply that much sunscreen, so I am not the target customer. I'm probably a Hawaiian Tropic kind of guy, but, if I were bored/curious I might go for orange gelee in the summer since it sounds intriguing/exciting/novel.

5 months ago

Obsessed with this brand. I love love love the smell - so much so that I've purchased their air freshener to make my bathroom smell of eternal vacation. I love their fun marketing and activations, and proudly wear the vacation dad hat around. Coolest sun car brand out there. Only downside is the price but then again, can you put a price on being COOL?

2 months ago

as a graphic designer, i admire vacation as a brand because of their commitment to their retro aesthetic. it truly sets them apart from any other cosmetic company. i have their ball boy air freshener hanging on my rearview mirror and every time i walk into my car i immediately feel like i'm in the hamptons drinking a cucumber margarita. also have tried both the classic and whipped spf and have had positive experiences with both of them!

2 months ago

This brand is everything. Their products are top quality. You name a sunscreen, I’ve tried it. Korean brands, Japanese brands, baby sunscreen, physical and chemical. Very expensive to very cheap. Vacation brand sunscreens are one of my top three for face sunscreen and number one choice overall for me. (Kids/daily use sunscreen is a different choice but that’s another matter). The branding is the best I’ve ever seen. Cool website, cool looking products— I even have their car scent because it smells amazing. Buy anything from them, you’ll be happy.

2 months ago

The scent alone is enough to deserve a 5 star review. Sunscreen spray works incredibly well and smells even better. Love the perfume too, obviously. Smells like summer!

2 months ago

My favorite sunscreen, hands down. I use the mineral lotion on my face and neck, the spray on my body, the Chardonnay oil at the pool, and the face spritz on the go.

2 months ago

I have the SPF Baby Oil and it is beautiful! I love the branding and design. It brings back a lot of memories growing up and I love how it feels on my skin. I don't feel like I am greasy and my pores are clogged. I feel clean and I smell BEAUTIFUL!