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Vacation creates a safe and clean sunscreen formula featuring the nostalgic smells of coconut, banana, and pool water.


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a month ago

I really love the smell and the coverage, it seems to last a long time and the vintage branding is so cute and nostalgic. HOWEVER-- I ordered this off of Miami Sample and it took FOREVER to ship, which was a little annoying.

25 days ago

I'll admit that when I got the Whip sunscreen in a beauty box, I thought it was really gimmicky and left it on my shelf for months, but I opened it a few weeks ago while on vacation at the lake and I was SO WRONG. Not only is this stuff amusing to use, but it smells great, sinks in fast, and works perfectly. It's not sticky, the scent is not at all overpowering, and I didn't get even the slightest bit red. My favorite part though is how the light texture makes it fast and easy to reapply. It doesn't leave marks on my clothes, and while Im admittedly very pale, I didn't notice any white cast. Ive since purchased the little SPF 50 spray and that's also great - I use almost like a setting spray, so I can reapply sun protection throughout the day and not mess up makeup.

24 days ago

I love the product and the branding is obviously fantastic. Catch is that it contains phenoxyethanol, which is toxic for the blood and liver. I was bummed to see that given my excitement around the brand itself. Also contains fragrances, which you don't need in a sunscreen and isn't a highly regulated category.

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a month ago

I purchased this sunscreen on a whim during a sample sale as it was a good deal. It ended up smelling amazing and I have now repurchased paying full price twice.

22 days ago

I love everything I have from Vacation!! First of all, their packaging is GREAT. And the smell is also heavenly, it's so tropical and summery. But the products really do work, and they stay on!! I also like how many different options there is. You can do a spray, an oil, a regular lotion. I have to stay- I am impressed and I'm excited to see what else they continue to do!

25 days ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

I didn’t know it was possible to feel love towards a sunscreen, but I do love Vacation’s whip sunscreen. The smell is heavenly, the packaging is fun, and the absorption of the product and not feeling sticky is truly wonderful.

16 days ago

A brand this committed to leisure better have the products to back it up. They do. In Spades. I have used their sunscreen lotion and spray for several years now and everything else pales in comparison. I have gone so far to buy 3 of the candles and the lip balm collection. When leisure meets irreverence and comes out luxurious, you know you have a winner.

Classic Spray

17 days ago

I have the perfume and it smells incredible. They were really able to get the sunscreen, beach, summer fun vibe into a bottle without it feeling too overpowering. I just wished it lasted a little longer on the skin

19 days ago

This is one of my favorite brands! High quality, luxury, and in the most beautiful packaging! The quality is unmatched