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Utu makes sun care products using clean ingredients.

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Utu reviews


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4 reviews

a year ago

YAY for Utu! I love using products that I know are clean and gorgeous. Utu is both! There's something about using a product that protects your skin AND also looks incredible. The Stiq is next level and works flawlessly. My skin looks great. Plus, with no plastic in any of their packaging, I feel good about buying their products for the health of the Planet.

a year ago

I have been searching for years for a mineral sunscreen that goes on clear and doesn't leave me looking like a ghost. I have found it! I love the moisturizing spf30 cream. If I massage it into my skin really well it gives my face a beautiful glow. I tried it out paddle boarding and I did not get burned. The spf50 is a tinted roll up stick (kind of like a deodorant or something, that I can refill!). It really makes my skin look great and is super protective from the sun, really easy to apply, it goes on buttery. The packaging is amazing, looks great and doesn't have any plastic. It's all really cool aluminum. I love it that I'm not only protecting my skin but also saving the environment by not buying a single use plastic. Overall win!

a year ago

Agency partner

I ordered the SPF 30 and was given a sample of the SPF 50. I love the branding and the fact that it's plastic-free and recyclable. The 50 is a thicker product that I prefer at high altitude and for surfing or swimming. I've also been using it on my kids because it's easy to put on. It stays on when I'm sweating. The 30 I use as more as a day-to-day sunscreen. I've used exclusively mineral-based sunscreen since I was pregnant and this is the easiest to apply without making me look like a ghost, it blends really well into the skin.

a year ago

1. Pro: Love the branding; protects you against sunburn 2. Cons: Product took a month to arrive; I ordered the 50spk broad spectrum stiq (tinted) and the 30SPF moisturizing sunscreen. The tinted stiq packaging is poorly designed and the inner tube easily falls out of the outer orange shell. Both sunscreens are incredibly thik, hard to wash off, even with a tonne of soap. They do protect from the sun, but not worth the $$